About Our Company

Touch Kiosk Displays was formed in 2013 to address a growing demand for interactive kiosk applications. This being a natural evolution from web development for us (due to the web connectivity, web based administration and new jQuery and CSS3 animations) we now once again had an opportunity to develop “desktop” software. About 10 years before we were engaged making multimedia CD/DVDs with custom controls, UI and database interactivity using technologies like Macromedia Shockwave, Flash and Director – most often when there was too much content to deploy online with limited bandwidth – so in a way we have come full circle.

Now with most people used to the interactions of a smartphone, a touch interface is extremely user friendly for all demographics while also extremely secure (the only keyboard being on-screen and the physical casing can be easily locked down as a result). We have a goal of creating an interactive environment, elements beyond the screen which will engage the user more than we ever previously thought possible.

Our research and development resulted in a stable platform and methodology to effectively and efficiently deploy touch kiosk solutions for our clients, making us one of the market leaders in this cutting edge field. Please contact us for a personal interactive demo. of what we can achieve for your business.