LG Steps it up with 18-inch Flexible & Transparent OLED Panels

Yesterday, LG Display, a world leader in display technology and innovation announced it has created two remarkably inventive display panels. Both panels are 18-inch OLEDs – one being incredibly flexible, while the other transparent.

LGs-Flexible-Rollable-OLED Sounds futuristic we know, but LG has proven with these prototypes that they mean business, and have no issues leading the large, flexible and transparent display market in the near future.

The flexible panel, that can also be rolled to a radius of about 3cm, without losing functionality – has a high-definition screen resolution of 1200 x 810. With nearly 1 million mega-pixels, this bendable display unit doesn’t hold back on picture or video quality. This is a good indication that LG will eventually bring flexible, bendable TVs that go beyond 50 inches to the market.

So how did they do it?

Well, according to a press release posted to LG’s newsroom site, the back layer of the display is composed of a highly molecular substance-based polyimide film that maximizes curvature. This particular film LG is using is far more thinner than traditional plastics used in modern TVs – giving the display a much further range in flexibility.

LG’s transparent  LGs-Transparent-OLEDOLED display, seen on the left  – was made possible by, LG’s patent transparent pixel design technology.

It has an impressive 30 percent transmittance, along with a very low level of haze – that is generated as a result of using circuit components films.

This recent developmental breakthrough, has allowed LG’s latest OLED displays to be much more transparent. All existing, LCD transparent displays on the market, have about 10 percent transmittance – compared to LG’s recent benchmark of 30 percent, this substantially lower.

LG Display, essentially initiated the OLED TV manufacturing era, and they are now developing the next generation of applied OLED technologies.

Although, this technology is still in its infancy, LG is clearly leading the way and it wouldn’t surprise us if they launched a 60 plus inch of either the aforementioned; flexible or transparent displays within the next two years.

Via: LG Display Newsroom